Top 5 Benefits of Selling Your House to an Investor

Top 5 Benefits of Selling Your House to an Investor
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The real estate industry has greatly evolved over the past decade and it’s becoming more and more common to see people selling their houses to investors. Traditionally, you are only faced with two options when selling your home. It’s either you hire a real estate agent, or you sell your house on your own. But these days, selling houses to investors has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners not only in the Bay Area but even across the country.

1. Investors buy houses in any condition.

If you’re an avid HGTV viewer, you would know that a tacky wallpaper or a dysfunctional fireplace can drive prospective buyers away. Typically, you have to make sure that your house is in tip top condition before putting it up for sale. Although fixer-uppers have gained popularity over the past couple of years, the majority of home buyers still prefer to buy a home that is move-in ready. Investors buy houses as is, so this spares you the additional expense of repairing and staging your house.

2. They can close in as little as 7 days.

Property inspections, negotiations and mortgage approvals are usually some of the things that prolong the process of selling a house. Investors can close in just seven to ten days because they skip some of those steps. You also don’t have to worry anymore about prospective buyers backing out last minute, because once they put their offer, it’s already good as sold.

3. You pay no commissions or closing costs.

Real estate agents usually charge as high as 8% between commission and fees for selling a house. In certain situations and property locations, albeit rare, this can even shoot up to a whopping 10%. Selling your house to an investor completely eliminates percentage based commissions. The offer that you will receive from an investor is the amount that you will receive once the sale has been closed. No cuts, no commissions, and Skye Homes will pay your standard closing costs, which are the extra 2-3% on top of commission.

4. They pay in cash.

One of the greatest benefits of selling your house to investors is that most investors and quick sale companies pay in cash, which means, you don’t have to deal with mortgage arrangements with your buyer. You no longer have to wait for months for bank financing to come through. Whether you’re having a financial problem, in the brink of foreclosure, or merely want to sell your house fast for cash, this is simply a deal that is very hard to resist.

5. No open houses

Because let’s be honest: no one likes having a ton of strangers walk through their house when they’re not there.  Are they going to remove their shoes, touch your belongings, break something? Do you really want to prep and clean to make it presentable? Some people prefer a discreet sale and that is tough when listing. All of your curious neighbors will be by, you can count on that!

Why not just make it easy? When you decide to sell, we can give you a no-obligation market estimate. Give us a call at 877-210-6460 or submit your info below and we’ll guide you through your options.

Jake Knight
Jake Knight

Jake Knight has been a residential real estate investor since 2016. He specializes in acquiring and renovating houses in the Bay Area, Sacramento, eventually expanding to over 15+ states. Jake’s prior experience in lending, going back to 2003, laid the foundation for solving complex real estate issues.

Drawing upon his background in assisting sellers with the task of transitioning from a home they have lived in for decades, Jake launched a “senior move management” business in 2021. This company provides valuable support to seniors during the process of packing, coordinating their moves, and downsizing as they transition into senior living communities.

In 2022, Jake expanded his services by becoming a licensed real estate agent in California, providing comprehensive solutions to his seller clients.

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