The Skye Homes Process

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Reach out to us by filling out the form at the end of this page, or call us directly at 866-207-1940.


We will call you to learn more about your selling goals and explain how our buying process works. 


After learning more about your property, we conduct online research and determine what we can pay for it.

In some cases, we may request some mobile phone pictures or visit the property before determining our offer. The process may vary slightly depending on the home’s condition or location.

If the offer we present is acceptable, we email you our short agreement, which you can sign electronically. 


We then open escrow with a local closing agent (title company or attorney). We’ll also begin our inspection process which usually consists of 1-2 visits to learn more about the property- if we haven’t visited already.


The closing process when selling to Skye Homes is just like any other sale. We can arrange a mobile notary that comes to your location with the closing paperwork. The closing agent handles all recording and funds. 

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