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This is what makes us stand out from the traditional method of selling your house: There are NO fees or commissions when you sell your house us. Our goal is to make the amount we offer you, the same amount you net at closing. There are exceptions in FL (doc stamps), and a couple Bay Area cities (transfer taxes) where the seller will be responsible.

Although Jake Knight is a licensed CA real estate agent (DRE #02177568), Skye Homes is a home-buying service intended to give sellers a commission-free sale. To learn more about listing in CA, visit JakeKnightRE.com.

No, because many instant offer companies use a price that is higher than what they will really pay. It is a common for the large “iBuyers” to bait and switch using the higher price. After getting into contract they will tell you there’s a 5% commission, closing costs, and higher cost of repairs. But now you’re in contract and may not know you can exit that agreement. 

Evaluating houses takes a personal touch and there is no way an algorithm will be perfect. 

Yes. We are a reputable company with testimonials from plenty of past clients on Google and Yelp.

At no point will you ever send us money. All transactions and funds are handled with a third-party escrow company. Just like any other sale.

 We look at the location of the property, its condition, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently to come up with an offer amount, or offer range.   

Listing your home means doing open houses, dealing with wish-washy buyers, and too many contingencies. Selling directly to Skye Homes means you skip the lengthy process of trying to find a buyer, then worrying about whether they’ll cancel after doing inspections. Your sales price will likely be lower when selling “off-market” but the trade-off is worth it in some cases. 

There is no obligation to work with us if we make an offer to you. You do not need to sign anything until you are ready to move forward.

The move out date can be flexible since we are not moving in. Most sellers choose a 30-day escrow and move out by the 30th day, but there are times when sellers need to sell faster or slower. We strive to accommodate all situations.

If you have tenants we can still buy the house. Some tenants are cooperative and in these cases there isn’t much to consider.

If you have tenants who might make doing an inspection challenging, or if you do not want your tenants knowing you are selling, we will work with you to accommodate this.

If you want to sell quickly but do not want to move out right away, we are willing to work with you. Just let us know your goals and we will do what we can to help you out. We have multiple options for those sellers who need more time.

Yes, we have helped many sellers arrange a trust-worthy, independent moving company and satisfy the bill if that is something you desire.

We buy in all 50 states!

The homes we buy typically have construction needs. Even if they’re not major, we can create value by renovating a home with modern finishes that will attract many buyers. The amount of value we create exceeds the cost of it. It is not a requirement to have outstanding repairs, we also buy nice homes to keep as rentals.

If your home has been recently renovated you may consider listing your home to obtain the highest price. Because we are a for-profit business, we can’t always compete with occupant-buyers on the price but we do offer many benefits that other buyers cannot provide. 

Many times we pay cash and sometimes we bring in private capital to fund our purchases. We never make purchases contingent upon financing or appraisals. This gives us an advantage over most buyers. 

Unfortunately we do not buy mobile homes at this time.

Actually, I can. Since 2022 I am a licensed California real estate agent with Intero. You can read more about that here on my agent page. DRE #02177568.

We used to be, but the Better Business Bureau is a “pay-to-play” service that adds little value beyond a logo to your website. We prefer to use the free testimonial sites such as Google and Yelp to show the public our client feedback. 

Skye Homes

Sell to Us! Get Up to $3,000 in Moving Costs


On the other hand, there are some sellers who need a custom solution due to either the property’s condition or the seller’s personal situation, or a combination of the two.

When the property is in really bad shape, they’re likely going to sell to an investor, so it may make sense to save money on commissions and find their own investor.

Some examples of personal situations that we can help with are: hoarding, pre-foreclosure or other financial issues that require a fast home sale, house with non-paying tenants or squatters, severely delinquent property taxes, homeowners who want to rent back the home longer than normal, or sellers who value privacy and/or are embarrassed by their home.

If your seller lead meets these criteria, you should propose the idea of making an introduction to me. You can simply suggest to them that your partner or colleague buys houses and ask if they are interested in speaking with me. Remember, you are not performing real estate agent duties. See our disclaimer below. The main thing to keep in mind at this point is to qualify them as a good fit or not. I can help you with the documentation and process things.