Gordon Hester

When we decided to move from the Bay Area back home to Oregon after retiring, we were very concerned about how we would manage to transition from one home (where we had lived for 20 years) to the next. We met with a very reputable local realtor, and it was clear that if we had him sell the house we would really need to vacate it for at least 2 to 3 months, if not longer, while continuing to pay our mortgage, invest in some upgrades to the house, AND find somewhere to live in the interim. Not ideal, to say the least, from our perspective. We decided to explore other options, and found that there are people eager to buy houses for cash, invest in renovating them, and sell them for a profit. These are not the “flippers” of the housing mortgage crisis of 10 years ago, who were trying to make a fast buck on others’ misfortunes. They are legitimate business people making important investments in our communities. And, in our case, making it much easier to manage our move.
Jake Knight of Skye Homes was the quickest to respond when we started reaching out to some local home buyers. He was very good about explaining the whole process without making us feel pressured at all. He quickly made us a fair offer for our house, and after just a little bit of negotiating we accepted it. The deal we made with Jake allowed us to stay in our house for about 3 months after the sale was completed (remarkably quickly) and use the cash we got from it to find and buy a new home. We were not only able to move directly from our old home to our new one, we didn’t even have to clean out the old place! Jake took care of that as a first step in the renovation. We could not possibly overstate how pleased we were with the whole process. Quite simply, it took care of all the problems we anticipated in making the move.
Throughout this process Jake was very helpful and responsive. It became apparent that Jake is not only a person of very high integrity when it comes to a business transaction. He sincerely cares about the people he works with. He wanted this deal to work for us as well as him, and was extremely considerate. After our move Jake found some important papers in our old house that we had carelessly left behind, recognized their significance, and sent them to us. It would be easy for me to say that he didn’t have to do that – but, I know he would disagree. Jake and Skye Homes get our highest recommendation!

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