Realtor FAQS

Yes! We will never bring our own agency to the deal. You can either represent us, have a colleague represent us, or we can write/sign the offer without agency. We buy many houses each year without agency and are comfortable doing so. It’s up to you!

Yes, that is your choice. I do not have a preference on how you work with your seller. If it is not your seller client, then you can be my buyer’s agent. If it is your client, then it’s up to you on how we go about it

2% when I buy the house (in addition , and separate from,) what the seller pays. 

If/when I resell, then I pay 5% total but am open to bonus commission if we exceed our target!

We can either add it to the closing statement as buyer-paid commission or by sending me a 1099 outside of closing. It is up to you and your brokerage. 

I have worked with many agents in the past and you may visit our Yelp or Google Business pages to see all the positive feedback I’ve received. 

I have never held a real estate license and do not plan to.

If there are tenants we can still buy the house. Some tenants are cooperative and in these cases there isn’t much to consider.

If you have tenants who might make doing an inspection challenging, or if you do not want your tenants knowing you are selling, we will work with you to accommodate this.

We buy in all 50 states!

Many times we pay cash and sometimes we bring in private capital to fund our purchases. We never make purchases contingent upon financing or appraisals. This gives us an advantage over most buyers. 

In some cities we do, in other cities we can leverage your referral partners or I can find new crew members.

It depends on the market, the neighborhood, and time of year (i.e. when will the property be projected to hit the market?).

I don’t buy mobile homes, very busy roads, adjacent to certain commercial properties, next to railroad tracks, houses falling down hills, or other “unfixable” issues. 

There is a price for everything, so never say never I guess!


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