Do you know someone motivated to sell their ugly home? Refer them to us and EARN BIG

We buy “unmarketed” homes all around the U.S. If you know a seller that fits our Buying Criteria below, fill out the form and we will contact you ASAP!

PLEASE READ : Everything you need to know is on this page or our training page. Read thoroughly before submitting an inquiry. If you have a live seller lead to discuss, please ensure it fits our Buying Criteria then read this page in full first and submit a contact form.

Sell My Hoarder House Fast in California
We buy ugly homes 🏠

What This Is & What This Isn’t

This is a way to cash in on a deal that only you know about. This is also a way to cash in on deals that you create as a freelance Bird Dog.

This is not a job. There is no quota. You are not required to do this and you do not need to apply. You are not performing real estate agent duties. You will not be paid for any marketing efforts or expenses that you incur. See our disclaimer section below for any questions on the legalities of the Bird Dog Program.

You are welcome to spend time pursuing opportunities but there are no benefits and no additional training beyond this page and our training page. This is primarily for those who already have someone in their network, family, or a neighbor that may be a qualified seller and they want to earn a fee.

Who am I?

I am Jake Knight, a nationwide real estate investor who helps homeowners with sticky situations and/or ugly homes. In business since 2016, I am located in Northern California and have purchased over 90 homes across the country.

Jake Real Estate Investor - Sky Homes Sacramento

How The Referral Process Works

In short, I will handle all negotiations with the seller and once we close the purchase you get paid. Normally, real estate referrals are not allowed unless you are licensed, however, by granting you equitable interest in the purchase, or by doing a contract assignment, you are a partner not a referrer (see below for a further legal explanation). Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds and I will walk you through it once we have a deal going.

Which Sellers Are a Good Fit?

Okay, let’s get into the meat and potatoes. There are two main factors that are important when considering whether a seller is a good fit or not.

The first one is fairly straightforward, so let’s dive in to who makes a good fit. Most homeowners take good care of their homes and have a primary goal of maximizing their sale proceeds. These folks should absolutely list with a realtor. Read more..

What Properties Do I Buy?

Examples of Homes I Would Buy

What Don’t I Buy?

Examples of Homes I Would NOT Buy


Is this legal?

Yes! Our legal team has helped create the process and documents needed to legalize this process. If it’s not done correctly than it could be deemed against many state laws. In short, by taking an equity position in the purchase or being the initial contract purchaser (then assigning it to me) you are compliant. This is not legal advice. Please discuss with your attorney if you have any questions.

Within 1-2 business days after the purchase of the home. I can only pay via Wire, ACH, or cashier’s check. 

We’ve created the referral fee agreement as one way to help ensure that you are covered in writing. I also encourage you to stay in touch with the seller in order to monitor the progress and help get the deal to closing. I am open to any other ideas you have. It is important to me that you are comfortable with this process. 

In general, I buy in most suburban areas of the U.S.  I do not buy in rural areas or in really small isolated towns. If the town population is small but it’s part of a larger suburban/metro area that is fine.

This is dependent on the seller’s time frame. I do not control how long it takes. If they are ready to sell right now, I can close as soon as 10 days but most sellers usually prefer 15-30 days.

Yes! I will pay the fee for each seller that I buy a house from. However, if a seller has more than one property to sell, the fee applies only once. 

No, only single-family homes.

I like to buy houses around the median price of an area. This means the home is usually 900 to 2,500 sqft and fits in with the majority of houses in an area. I do not buy luxury homes in any market, however, in high priced areas such as the Bay Area I can buy up to $1.5M. 

I do not buy homes on the market or that are represented by an agent. I am looking for homeowners who are not working with Realtors or doing any other types of marketing such as For Sale By Owner, social media posting, Craigslist, or wholesaling. 

You do not need to apply anywhere! You are welcome to contact me if you have a live deal to discuss but otherwise this is not a job and you do not need my approval to look for deals. There is an agreement below if you would like to put it in writing that you will be compensated for deals that we close together. That’s it!

What To Do If You Have a Lead Now

If you have a deal, or aren’t sure if your lead is qualified, submit a contact form with general information (no need to share address until you’re ready) and we will respond in 24 hours during regular business hours.

Jake Knight - Real Estate Investment Deal Sacramento, CA

What to Ask Sellers

Some basic info is helpful. Here are some good questions to ask a potential seller.

Familiarize yourself with the features and benefits and be able to express them to the seller.

Do You Have Questions?

Chances are there’s an answer in the FAQs. Please read that section thoroughly before submitting a question, as our small team is fielding a large quantity of inquiries. Please be patient when awaiting a response.

Do You Have A Live Lead To Discuss?

Let’s not waste any time. Submit a form and check the box indicating a live lead.

Do you want to learn more about how to find sellers and speak with them?
Visit our training page and start finding deals on your own.

Bird Dog Agreement

Would you like to formalize our agreement before submitting your lead? Feel free to complete the form below. Be sure to submit a contact form at the same time. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out and discuss any potential leads before signing.


Legal Notice:

This job posting is for the engagement of commission-only real estate scouts, commonly referred to as "bird dogs," who assist in identifying potential real estate acquisition opportunities. Applicants must understand and acknowledge the legal framework within which they may operate under this title, which complies with the specific state real estate laws applicable to unlicensed individuals. Read more...

Compensation Structure:

Compensation for services provided as a "bird dog" is based on successful property acquisition results and is structured legally through either:

Equitable Interest: Individuals may receive a predefined equitable interest in the property concerned, subject to the execution of specific agreements outlining such interest.
Contractual Assignment: Individuals may engage in the signing of purchase agreements with the subsequent assignment of these agreements to our company. This assignment must be executed in accordance with both state and federal laws.

Restrictions and Compliance:

No License: Individuals engaged in this role do not act as licensed real estate agents or brokers and are strictly prohibited from performing any activities that require a real estate license.
Compliance with Laws: All activities must comply with applicable laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the "bird dog" to ensure they do not engage in activities that constitute the unauthorized practice of real estate.
Confidentiality and Integrity: All interactions and transactions must be conducted with the highest level of integrity and adherence to confidentiality agreements.

Disclaimer Application:

This disclaimer is intended to clarify the terms and conditions under which "bird dogs" are engaged. It is essential that each individual consults with legal counsel to understand fully the implications of their role and compliance with applicable laws. The company reserves the right to modify the terms of engagement based on ongoing legal evaluations and business requirements.

By responding to this job posting, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the conditions stated herein. This disclaimer is intended to ensure that all parties involved adhere to legal and ethical standards. Show less...
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On the other hand, there are some sellers who need a custom solution due to either the property’s condition or the seller’s personal situation, or a combination of the two.

When the property is in really bad shape, they’re likely going to sell to an investor, so it may make sense to save money on commissions and find their own investor.

Some examples of personal situations that we can help with are: hoarding, pre-foreclosure or other financial issues that require a fast home sale, house with non-paying tenants or squatters, severely delinquent property taxes, homeowners who want to rent back the home longer than normal, or sellers who value privacy and/or are embarrassed by their home.

If your seller lead meets these criteria, you should propose the idea of making an introduction to me. You can simply suggest to them that your partner or colleague buys houses and ask if they are interested in speaking with me. Remember, you are not performing real estate agent duties. See our disclaimer below. The main thing to keep in mind at this point is to qualify them as a good fit or not. I can help you with the documentation and process things.