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We are independent local Bay Area home-buyers who purchase property directly from homeowners eliminating the middle man and can help you meet your goals.


We Buy Houses Fast in California

This is Jake with Skye Homes, and I’m the guy in the video. You’re probably here to learn if selling to an investor is the right option for you. I’ve been a direct home-buyer since 2016 and I created this page to help illustrate how selling a home can actually be a pleasant experience. Keep reading to learn more!

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How Do I Sell My House Fast?

A home sale does not need to be complex! Follow these simple steps to get started

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Fill out form
Fill out form to sell house fast for cash

Fill out the form, and we will connect you 

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Recent home we purchased in Sacramento

We buy houses companies” like Skye Homes are a better fit if you prefer a private sale, have deferred maintenance (repairs), don’t want to hold open houses, don’t want to pay commissions, or need a quick sale or have tenants. 

We Buy Houses Fast For Cash As-Is in Sacramento, CA

Inherited House

Inherited a house that feels like a burden? We buy as-is, ensuring you get top dollar for your property, no matter its condition.


A stress-free solution for divorce-related property sales. Sell your house fast for top dollar, as-is, and get the financial support you need.

Avoid Foreclosure

Our commitment to speed and reliability sets us apart, offering you a swift solution and a steady financial future free from foreclosure worries.

Outdated House

We offer top dollar for houses in any condition and specialize in breathing new life into outdated spaces ensuring a  modern transformation.

Home Relocation

Relocating can be overwhelming, and Skyehomes understands. Beyond top-dollar home purchases, we alleviate your stress with move assistance.

Bad Tenants

We provide a stress-free solution by purchasing properties with problematic tenants, turning your headache into financial gain.

Private House Sale

We offer quick transactions, cash offers, and as-is purchases, providing immediate relief from the complexities of a prolonged private sale.

Home Downsizing

Our top-dollar offers and move assistance make the process simple and efficient, allowing you to focus on the next chapter of your life.

Hoarder House

Struggling with hoarding challenges? We provide swift assistance, offering high cash offers, discreet transactions, and professional clean-out services.

Top 4 reasons you should work with Jake

1) Customer-service oriented

My professional background includes years and years of customer service, sales management, and many consumer-facing positions. If you choose to work with me, you will find a polished and seamless process that is centered on making your home sale a positive experience. Selling a home is such a large event and I want you know that I don’t take that lightly.

2) Sell us your home and we’ll help with all your moving needs!

We can make your transition easier than you could’ve imagined. As experts in relocation, our team can help you arrange packing services, moving companies, storage pods, as well as not requiring you to clean when you move out. 

3) Private sale / No open houses

One of the most popular features of our service is that it’s a private sale. We do not advertise your home to the public or your neighbors. They won’t know you’re leaving until the moving truck arrives!

4) Everything is simple

That’s right, everything from our short, 6-page agreement to the inspection process, and the closing, there really isn’t much for you to do or worry about. That’s the Skye Homes promise!


When we say “Skye Homes Buys Houses Nationwide AS-IS”, that’s exactly what we mean. Check it out for yourself in the images below! We buy houses in ANY condition. Whether they are vacant or have tenants, filled with junk, dated – we will buy it!
We also buy houses that don’t need any work. Sometimes homeowners just want to sell their house fast for cash. We can do that too!

We’re ready to help you with the easiest home sale of your life! Please Contact Us

Where do we buy homes?

We buy in the neighborhoods of East, West, North and South Sacramento, Curtis Park, Land Park and Tahoe Park (among other parks), Midtown, Meadowview, Pocket, Valley High and many others. We also buy houses in surrounding cities such as Elk Grove, Folsom, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, and Davis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes for a house to sell can vary widely based on factors like location, market conditions, property type, and price range. On average, in a balanced market, homes can sell within a few months. However, in a hot seller’s market, properties might sell within weeks, while in a buyer’s market, it could take longer, potentially several months.

A key secret to a fast home sale is strategic preparation. Price your home competitively based on market trends, ensure it’s well-maintained, and consider professional staging to make it appealing to potential buyers. Effective marketing, including high-quality photos and wide exposure, can also speed up the selling process.

A “ghost sale” in real estate typically refers to a transaction that falls through at the last moment. It occurs when a deal appears to be progressing smoothly but unexpectedly collapses before the closing. Reasons for ghost sales can range from financing issues to disputes over inspections or other contingencies. However, working with “We Buy Houses Fast” companies can provide a solution, as we often offer cash deals with reduced risk of contingencies that might lead to ghost sales.

Overpricing is one of the most common reasons a property fails to sell. Unrealistic pricing can deter potential buyers and extend the time a property spends on the market. It’s crucial to set a competitive price based on comparable sales and market conditions. To avoid extended market time, consider “We Buy Houses Fast” companies, which often assess your property’s value quickly and make fair cash offers, bypassing the prolonged listing process.

Generally, showing a house with tasteful furniture and well-staged spaces can help potential buyers envision how the space can be utilized. Staging can create an emotional connection and highlight a property’s potential. However, in some cases, vacant homes can appear larger, allowing buyers to visualize their own furnishings.

Selling a house from a distance requires careful planning. Start by finding a reliable local real estate agent who can handle the logistics on your behalf. Leverage technology for virtual tours, high-quality photos, and electronic document signing. Communication with your agent is key to ensure a smooth process. Alternatively, “We Buy Houses Fast” companies can streamline the process by making offers remotely, ideal for those needing to sell without being physically present.

Real estate transactions can occur on any day of the week, but statistics suggest that weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) often see higher buyer activity due to buyers’ more flexible schedules. However, individual market dynamics and buyer behavior can influence this trend.

Several factors contribute to faster home sales, including competitive pricing, appealing curb appeal, effective marketing, professional staging, and strong demand in the local market. Homes that meet these criteria tend to attract more buyers and generate quicker offers. “We Buy Houses Fast” companies expedite sales by providing immediate offers and quick transactions, saving sellers time and effort.

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On the other hand, there are some sellers who need a custom solution due to either the property’s condition or the seller’s personal situation, or a combination of the two.

When the property is in really bad shape, they’re likely going to sell to an investor, so it may make sense to save money on commissions and find their own investor.

Some examples of personal situations that we can help with are: hoarding, pre-foreclosure or other financial issues that require a fast home sale, house with non-paying tenants or squatters, severely delinquent property taxes, homeowners who want to rent back the home longer than normal, or sellers who value privacy and/or are embarrassed by their home.

If your seller lead meets these criteria, you should propose the idea of making an introduction to me. You can simply suggest to them that your partner or colleague buys houses and ask if they are interested in speaking with me. Remember, you are not performing real estate agent duties. See our disclaimer below. The main thing to keep in mind at this point is to qualify them as a good fit or not. I can help you with the documentation and process things.