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Sell My House Fast Oakland, CA

We’ll show you how to sell your home quickly, how to pay NO commissions, and how you can sell a home in ANY condition.  

Home to the World Champion Golden State Warriors (go Dubs!), picturesque Lake Merritt, and a top-notch restaurant scene, Oakland is becoming a world-class city right before our eyes.

However, with over 169,000 households in city limits and thousands more being built each
year, newcomers have plenty to choose from when selecting a place to live.

So what happens when you have an older home that needs to be sold and you’re not ready to update it?

What does a seller need to do in order to attract attention if they don’t want to get lost in the pack?

We’ll explain.

But first…

Everyone has their own reasons for selling, and life events can complicate matters. Whether you are in a divorce, have unwanted inherited property or bad tenants, or are unable to make mortgage payments, these are just some of the issues that can cause a sale or make selling your home a stressful nuisance.

Listing a property is difficult when circumstances are against you. Buyers only care about their own needs, good agents can be hard to find (and are expensive), and maybe your house isn’t ready for the market. There has to be a better way…

We Buy Houses As-Is in Oakland, CA

Many of our clients just prefer a quiet, easy and stress-free sale. They don’t want to pay commissions, and they don’t have time, money or energy to put into fixing their house up before selling – which is what an agent will advise you to do.

As a direct buyer we eliminate a lot of the headaches and months of waiting by paying with cash and closing when you want or need to close. Because we are the buyer, there is no need for a Realtor, thus, no commissions, and no open houses or marketing expenses.

We have purchased houses in terrible shape (the worst you can imagine), but also houses that have been well-taken care of. When working with us, you do not need to fix anything or clean anything.

In fact, if you want to sell REALLY fast, we recommend you skip the cleaning altogether. We talk about it more here

 in our Insider’s Guide to Selling Fast.

How to Know if a Home Buying Company is Credible?

Our process will make your life easier. It’s true.

Sell My House Fast Oakland, CAHaving been involved in thousands of real estate transactions, we know how deal with the tough stuff (i.e. title issues, inherited property, notice of default, etc.) to make sure you are getting the fast and easy sale you deserve.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the house, need to sell with tenants, or it’s vacant … we help owners in all of these situations.

Even if the house needs major repairs, and yes, even if the house is fire damaged, has a bad foundation, or mold, we are there for you:

So  far so good, right? We know you might have some questions before calling, so we created an  FAQ  page for you.

What it boils down to…

We focus on your needs, not ours.

Even if the house needs major repairs, if you have tenants, or if you need extra time to move after the sale, we can accommodate you. Since we are a direct buyer, we work on your time frame. Buyers who plan on living in your house usually have a specific move-in date and they’re not flexible.

We Buy Houses In Oakland & We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Offer For Your House. Read What To Do Next.

We Buy Houses In Oakland
Bay Bridge at night

3 main reasons to work with us:

  1. Move on with your new life sooner rather than later 
  2. Open communication with the buyer (us) makes for a smoother process
  3. A peaceful state of mind since you do not have to worry about repair

We’ll know very quickly if we can help you, and unlike selling through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing… we’re ready to buy right now! 


Need to sell your Oakland, CA house fast? We are real estate investors who buy houses in Oakland and pay a fair cash price, fast. We buy houses in Oakland neighborhoods such as West Oakland, Piedmont, North Oakland, East Oakland, the Oakland Hills, Temescal, Adams Point, and Uptown; and nearby cities such as Berkeley, San Leandro, Hayward, Emeryville, San Francisco and Union City. Alameda County is a place we love buying homes in, but we buy in many more places.

Don’t wait, call us toll-free at (877) 210-6460

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